So here’s the deal….

i’m in week 7 of training for my first marathon, and now that i feel like i’m past that beginner’s pain hump (>100 miles), i thought i’d share my trials and tribulations of training.  running a marathon has been a recent addition to the bucket list, and combine that with the constant reminder that i’m not getting younger – seemed like it needed to happen sooner rather than later!  that being said, here i come chicago marathon!

so how did i pick the chicago marathon?  well, i just moved to chicago 2 months ago for looooooooooove, yep i said it, so it seemed like a perfect fit – how could i not learn my way around after running 26 miles through my new home?  i’ll get back to you on that after it’s over… i have a feeling some of those miles will be a blur.

i’ll try to keep you posted of the hilarious things i’ve seen, training tips i’ve gained, as well as all the other ins and outs that come from training for something new, while also tackling several other changes – a new job, a new city, just new! new! new!


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