did i mention it was hot?

well… it’s very hot.. like i want to die just so i stop sweating hot.. like how do people run in this heat?!? oh right, i tried today…

not even 24 hours after that 3 miler yesterday, i had the lofty goal of waking up early and knocking out the required 6 miler.  apparently, i needed to stretch more last night and wake up earlier – i didn’t beat the heat and was so sore that the first miler was all the miles were killer.  homer pretty much sums up what it felt like…

so it was super hot, which also means it cuts down on the people watching and entertainment that usually distracts me from the self-induced torture of running in this weather, and increased the amount of embarassing sweat lines i had (no wonder people were looking at me funny).  so let’s cut to the chase, it wasn’t my best day – a couple walk/water breaks to survive this run, but it’s done… time to ice and stretch until tomorrow’s run….


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