the repetitive 3 miler

if there’s one thing that stays the same during this training plan, it’s that no matter how many times i have to run 3 miles (22 to be exact) there’s a different challenge each time.  in the beginning, it was just getting off the couch, lacing up some sneaks, and getting into a routine.  then it was the heat wave… the killer heat wave to be exact… ugh, it was still is a tortuous experience.

in the midst of this all, i have been able to nail down the perfect 3 mile route on lakeshore that switches things up from my long run with a nice loop by the lakefront and harbor.  only thing is, i get jealous of those folks on the water (well, only for a second, until i remember lake michigan is grossssss). 

so what was the challenge today you might ask, great question!  after a weekend back in nc and several water skiing turns, i came back as red as a lobster and sore as ever.  all in all, it meant fresh legs, but sore upper body and an intense sunburn pain when there wasn’t shade.  oh, and did i mention it was hot?!? well, it was… i think that’s what took away the entertainment factor (that’ll be a future post), but the path was less busy today than usual.

time to ice up and rest until tomorrow’s 6-miler – woooohoooo!

in the meantime… here’s a pic from elizabeth hasselback’s site of my usual path


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