so it’s been awhile (kinda)

a lot’s happened since i last post – got a dog, ran 15 miles, oh wait did i mention we got a dog?!?

so let’s re-cap, last wednesday i had a 3 mile run, and for some reason, that one just seems rather uneventful at this point.  then come friday… ugh, friday – i did my distance run for the week.  fortunately, i had 2 things motivating me – cooler temperatures and a boyfriend who met me for the last 4 miles.  it was the best distance run to date, and i felt great after – just a little slow when we walked to dinner. 

since then, i’ve been laying low and playing with the pup, banjo!  he’s a 2 yr old shepherd mix that we adopted from project rescue.  i’m hoping he’ll make a great running partner, but if his walk this morning was any indication, we might have to work on his endurance….

so onto today – once again, started my running week off with 3 miles.  it was pretty tough, just a little sore from the 12 miler this past weekend.  went early enough this morning though to avoid the inevitable heat wave that is coming this afternoon, and unfortunately, it also meant that there was no one to people watch – boooooooooooo

is it bad i’m already dreading the 13 mile run this weekend???  oh well, guess i better get over that real quick… that isnt even half of the marathon distance 😦  why did i sign up for this again?!?


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