6 miles… and done!

so after the thunderstorms cleared, i decided to try to give the run a go before the sun came out and made things brutally hot… one thing i hadn’t considered, how muggy, humid, sweaty it would be out.

to start things off – i forgot about the blister i destroyed yesterday post-run that was on a middle toe, so that was fun.  then my nike+ app decided to get funky and think i was running 6 minute miles… let’s just clarify, never have i ran that fast, and likely, i never will.  it’s odd how much i rely on that thing for my pacing.  so i spent the first mile and half trying to go off the landmarks i thought were my normal half mile markers.  finally, gps worked itself out and back to my normal pacing (without really changing my pace).

overall, chugged through the run uneventfully, just super sweaty (ick) and had this ongoing fear that the slick wet path would lead to a brutal and embarassing trip and fall (thankfully, it didnt)

now time to ice my knees and plot when i’m going to have that avocado and egg breakfast!


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