Pinterest Love

so even though i’m not planning a wedding, not buying a house, and not traveling to some obscure location that everyone is jealous of….. pinterest is still my guilty pleasure.  i’m one of those that if you perused my pins (whatever that means), i clearly should weigh 300 pounds, have a drinking problem, and on occasion do a little shopping.

but here’s why i love it – finding recipes i’d never find otherwise.  take this recipe for example – baked egg in an avocado along with jalapeno avocado salsa.  even the writer says its the perfect post-run breakfast.  at this point, i now can’t wait to run my 6 miles tomorrow to only devour this!


and yes – pinterest actively encourages judging a book by its cover!  is it time to run yet?


1 Comment

  1. robinrunner

    I ran 6 Sunday and ate this breakfast. Perfect post run meal. Fills you up without destroying the effort. Thanks for the share!!!

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