another day, another 3 miler

to be honest, i didnt think today was gonna happen.  it was still 99 degrees out at 6pm, not to mention i was exhausted and had already fallen asleep on the couch.  but, then i motivated and made some delicious cake rice krispy treats (you should definitely try them!) and combine that with a restless puppy, and out the door i went!

to shake things up a bit, i took banjo for his first run.  i was pretty worried that his short attention span and poor leash manners to date would cause the run to come to a pretty quick stop.  lo and behold, there was a mini-miracle and banjo is a natural runner!  his add was pretty much non-existent, until the geese showed up… but he’s a dog, who can blame him???

other than a couple tugs, he managed to keep up for the full 3 miles at a little under 10:30 pace.  poor pup was so exhausted after the run, that it was all he could do to make it home.  as usual now i’m icing my knee post run, while a very worn out banjo is asleep beside me


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