so even though i didnt run

i thought it was still okay to eat this for breakfast

it was as delish as it looks, but i did make a couple tweaks.  anyone who knows me shouldnt be surprised by this, but i added some mexi cheese on top of the eggs (i looooooooooooove cheese).  i also added some red onion and lime juice to the salsa mix.  a couple things i’d do a little differently next time –

  • dont be scared to scoop out more avocado (it goes in the salsa so you still get to eat it!) but my eggs didn’t stay in because i didnt scoop enough out 😦
  • watch the oven more closely – my eggs went from raw to super cooked in a matter of minutes, but it did take closer to 20 mins to cook
  • be aware of those jalapeno seeds in the salsa – whooooooooa my mouth is still on fire and i didnt think i added too many
  • make sure to have bacon – this meal would be perfect with a couple slices of bacon on the side

guess all these mean that i have a good excuse to make this again?

on another note – looks like banjo signed himself up for some more runs.  he is completely exhausted even today, so he better brace himself for going on my regular 3 milers until he works up his endurance for longer distances 🙂  hopefully, he doesnt pull as much next time – my lower back is super sore today, which i have to say is a first for running pains.

now it’s time to enjoy my day off of running!


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