fast-paced friday

it’s been a couple days (quite the whirlwind) since I ran on friday, but wanted to give the quick updates.  took the pup again and he managed to keep up with 10 minute miles (still slightly delayed with the geese thing again….).  decided to only run 3 miles, even though i was scheduled for a full 13 (we’ll call it the leslie half marathon :)).  this time he was much better running alongside, and wasnt nearly as sore post run.  unfortunately, wasn’t able to stretch or do any post-run recommendations, because we had to quickly head out for a concert – which is why i didnt do the full 13 miles.

so onto the concert – we had a great time!  we went to see james taylor at ravinia, which is by far one of the coolest venues i have been to – you can bring your own picnic, blankets, etc and just hang out with good friends underneath the stars.  other than the quick downpour while we were waiting for the train, all in all it was super fun and it was a great way to relax post run. 

until we came home… apparently my plan of wearing the pup out before he had to stay in his crate for awhile was unsuccessful.  he had managed to fully rip off the front of his crate and break free.  of course, it couldnt just stop there, and he had a couple accidents.  on the brightside, he didnt chew on anything or get into something he shouldnt have (so, its the little things right?)  needless to say, after that marathon of a day, we were both super excited to crawl into bed and call it a night


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