leading up to the leslie marathon

so after our crazy friday, then came the insane saturday…it all seems a blur at this point, but we got started early in the morning.  we were planning on taking banjo out to the boyfriend’s mom house for him to meet her dogs and to entertain him while we were at a wedding nearby (given friday’s events, probably a good plan – yikes).  well, low and behold, when the shelter said he was great in cars, i’m pretty sure it meant that they had only taken him on a 5 minute ride.  the poor pup got car sick twice on the way out there, so apparently, cars arent really his thing – we did manage to get him home with stopping twice, but no accidents – whew!

he got along great with the other pups (including a playful great dane).  we headed out to a wedding that ran until well in the wee hours, but we left early to pick up the pup.  when it was all said and done, i think we walked in the door at 1am?!? 

so that brings me to today… the leslie marathon.  i had checked the weather and it was going to stay relatively cool, so i indulged and slept in a little late.  i headed out and unfortunately, didnt get a chance to eat breakfast, but i didnt want to wait for it ‘to settle’ either.  immediately, my legs ached and i knew it’d be a long run.  with my lack of prep and rest, i knew it wasnt going to be my best run, and well, it wasnt….  had to walk a couple times (of course more towards the end – hah).  the upside was seeing a new part of lakeshore – the halfway point was somewhere around buckingham fountain which is a gorgeous area of the city.

somehow, i survived…. when asked about a post-race meal, i oddly had a papa johns craving for some good pizza.  once that was taken care of, i camped out on the couch the rest of the day – with this bundled up underneath me….


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