gotta be a little healthier, right?

so after the papa johns cravings and not to mention the other items on the laundry list of food, decided to attempt this recipe for dinner –

shrimp burgers with chipotle cream sauce and coconut peach salsa from how sweet eats.  i love this blog.  all of her recipes that i’ve tried have been keepers – especially the jalapeno cream sauce for chicken.  i have a feeling her pictures are much prettier, so here’s one from her –

now here’s how it turned out for me and the bf for a good sunday night dinner.

not quite as pretty as the other pic, but i’m pretty sure it was equally delish!  in an effort to make some bigger patties, i made 4 instead of 6.  i completely didnt think about how i’d eat a burger that big, so when it says servings – make 6!  the only other thing i’d change is to add some jalapeno to the peach salsa.  i like everything kicked up a notch, and that seemed like the only thing i’d change.  oh and the chipotle sauce is absolutely a keeper – that stuff will be made again in the near future.  it seems like it could go on anything!

i guess the best way to sum up the recipe – it’s boyfriend approved 🙂


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