say whaaaaaaat??? 7 miles mid-week?!? who does that???

apparently i do now…. i was able to work from home today which was a tremendous plus after the debauchle from last night.  after a good night’s sleep, i decided banjo was up for the challenge and i mean, the vet said he was athletic, so why not?

we set out for 7 miles and it was still pretty nice out.  the pup has a hard time not getting distracted in the beginning and not wanting to mark every tree and light pole his.  first couple miles, he was a machine and trying to actually run faster than i was aiming for.  guess dogs don’t know how far we’re going?

he loved when we hit north avenue beach, something about the smell of the lake i guess?  not quite sure what is appealing in that smell, but he’s seem to find something.  he was great up until we hit about the 4.5 mile mark.  he needed some water so we made a pitstop at the beach on the lakefront, and who knew he was a scaredy cat??? dog beach and jumping in the water – noooo problem.  take him to the lakefront with some waves, and well, thats another story.

we managed to finish the run after a few more rest stops (him stretched out in the shade for a min while he was mad i wouldnt let him play with other dogs).  i was super impressed – banjo did 7 miles at roughly an 11 min pace.  hopefully, my dad isnt right when he says that if i keep running with him, i’m only going to have to run further to get him tired!

i do ❤ running with him though – keeps me distracted from all the pains and not wanting to run thoughts going through my head.  guess he just signed himself up for the 4 miles i need to run tomorrow?  he better rest up!


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