so the joys of a high rise…

i came home last night around 6:30 after taking the pup to the vet, and had high hopes to get my 7 miles in during the cool weather.  still undecided about taking banjo with me, but was motivated.  that was until i opened the door of the apt to an incredible stench and the noise of water dripping.  when i looked towards the kitchen, both sinks were filled to the brim with black smelly water and it was leaking on the floor…. so there went the run, and on came the panic.  what to do?  who do i tell? why is my boyfriend hundreds of miles away when this happens?  what do i do with a dog in all this mess?  and omg what is that smell?

took banjo went downstairs and let the doorman know, maintenance was on its way, and then set in the oh snap! i need to start dumping this stuff.  for over the next 2 hours i bailed water (smelly smelly horrible water) into a trashcan and then dumped it in the bathtub.  lo and behold, 2 other apts on our hall had an issue too…. whaaaaaaaaaaaat was this????

finally the plumber came, made some super loud noises, looked really busy, and problem solved!  apparently, the main drain below us was clogged and anytime someone in the 14 floors above us used there kitchen sink, it was causing ours to overflow…..  fortunately, some clorox wipes, and open windows and for the most part good as new…. so there went my 7 miles yesterday… thank goodness it wasn’t worse


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