and going, and going, and going…

so this post isnt so much about my run, as it is about my new running partner…  meet banjo, the energizer bunny

he just doesnt stop!  i thought after the 7 miles yesterday, he’d be pretty exhausted, but didnt seem so.  i knew i had to leave him in his crate for awhile today so i figured, why not? you should come with me on my 4 miler today so that you sleep while i’m gone.  think he’d be slower – nope!  10 minute’ish miles (when he wasn’t marking his territory)!  overall, just a regular 4 miler at this point.  decided to run north, which was a nice change since it’s less crowded in that direction, and it was definitely cooler this morning than it was later today.

i thought when i got home, he’d be dragging just a bit – wrong!  he was ready to go, so off to the dog park we went.  so tack on another 2 miles and his running laps around dogs and he was still awake – hence, why he is now the energizer bunny.

his highlight of the dog park – the dead carp in the lake (goes back to the lake michigan = gross).  managed to keep him away from it but some other dog owners not so lucky.  looked and smelled like their pups rolled in it – eeeeeps!

tomorrow i’ll post about the yummy (and somewhat healthy recipe) i made for dinner 🙂 nom nom….


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