maybe i am getting in over my head?

thank goodness i had 2 running partners today – the bf and the always handful pup.  the bf kept me motivated and banjo kept me distracted from the sores of yesterday’s 10 miler.  should’ve been a rest day, but i wanted to get back into my monday, tuesday, wednesday, friday routine.  it was a little hotter than we anticipated out, but that wasnt the biggest problems today – 1) the two blisters on my right foot from yesterday’s sock choice; 2) the ankle roll i had mid-run that caused me to pause and catch my breath for a minute… 3) the ever-present knee aches these days.

with exactly 61 days to go, it’s hard not to get discouraged and talk myself into a pit of self-doubt, but i just have to remind myself of how far i’ve come… i’ve already had longer and higher mile weeks than i could have ever anticipated – who cares that i’m a little sore and sleep way too well?  i am slowly reaching one of the toughest goals i have set for myself to date, and to cross that finish line – i can only imagine how rewarding that will feel…  i have to keep focused on the small victories in the meantime 🙂


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