the longest 10 miles to date – is it time for brunch?

sooo today was a 10 mile run, should’ve been a walk in the park compared to the 13 last weekend, but, well, it wasnt…. i did manage to catch some great weather where it was a little cooler due to the storms that came through last night, but still – not cool enough to make it fun (idk if i’ll ever say fun…)

went 3 miles south first to avoid running down the concrete beach stretch from fullerton to ohio st, and then turned and went 2 additional miles north, which is always a nice run since the trail is less crowded up there.  unfortunately, my socks (not the first time i’ve worn them) gave me a pretty bad blister on the arch of my foot around mile 8.  managed to finish the run, but only because the bf knows how to bribe me – a brunch at our favorite breakfast place – hearty – in honor of the long run and our 11 mth anniversary 🙂

if you live in chicago, and you havent been to this place – it is a must go!  the guys were on the food network, actually as i was just perusing their website, they were the next food network stars which is show that we love! they specialize in comfort food – the favorites to date, bacon bloody marys with homemade bacon infused vodka, cajun eggs benedict, more bacon (sometimes it’s candied), seasonal specials of chicken and waffles, and well – just about anything we’ve eaten there!

somehow – my body mustve just been pooped.  i came home and promptly slept 3 hours away before becoming useful again.  after a dt sundrop (and yes! they finally sell them in chicago – whooooooooooo!), we headed out to the dog park for a gorgeous night out with the pup and to let him stretch his legs after being cooped up all yesterday.

so much for that cleaning i was going to do today – ooooooops


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