it’s officially 2 months away!!!!

gah!  only 2 more months til d-day and i have a feeling it will be the hardest 2 months ahead.  im super excited and ready to get this milestone behind me – who knows what the next challenge may be….

in honor of the 2 months til – i thought i’d start today off with some numbers –

  • 2  – the number of years that i have been running on a regular basis.  started because i was on the road and in a rough work situation.  needed something for a stress reliever and since i was staffed in florida – it doesnt get more obvious than being outside.  to top it off – had lake eola to run, and ultimately, it led to becoming best friends with the bf after our daily runs for several months.

  • 5 – the number of true pairs of running shoes i have gone (or will be) going through.  unfortunately, i learned the hard way the woes of running too much in shoes that are too small.  if in doubt, go up half a size!  somewhere along the way, i stumbled into some adidas shoes that have been great – i’m hooked and brand loyal 🙂

  • 12 (+1) – the number of states i have ran in (plus DC).  i started running in florida, continued on into north carolina, south carolina, georgia, virginia, texas, pennsylvannia, indiana, illinois, kansas, missouri and finally oregon.  thanks to marathon training – im about to add michigan and colorado for some vacay runs.
  • 601.2 – the number of miles i have ran with my nike+ app.  to think, its going to keep growing and growing between now and october – eeps!
  • 840 – the number of dollars i need to reach my fundraising goal for the marathon.  any little bit helps!  please donate to support a great cause!  you can donate here – Donation Page

  • 60 – only that many more days til the marathon!  wish me luck!


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