and the verdict is…

don’t go see a resident for issues.  poor guy was studying a specialty that had absolutely nothing to do with my ankle, but it didn’t stop him from asking his probing questions about that area of expertise, even though completely irrelevant.  first it started with the extreme – a possible referral to an orthopedic, an mri, oh and even an air cast, to after consultation with the a more tenured doctor of it’s a good thing you can still walk, an mri wouldnt show an injury for weeks (which sounds odd to me…), and just keep popping some ibuprofen, cut down on the mileage and come back in september if things arent better.  whew – all in all, pretty harmless it sounds like, and a good excuse to skip running on this rainy, cool (for a nc girl) chicago day.  so on that note –

and in other news – big day for the bf 🙂 celebrated his first start to finish project with the new company, collecting the revenue and closing it out with a great final presentation – whoop whoop!

so here’s what’s going on in our place this afternoon instead of a run –

apparently the puppy dog likes being lazy on rainy days too 🙂


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