the dreaded 15 miler

so definitely not my best run… absolutely not my best run…. the weather was great since it had gotten a little chillier in chicago over the weekend, and the first 10 miles or so were a breeze.  i started out slow and steady knowing i was supposed to do my longest distance to date.  the only downside – running through the navy pier tourist madness on a saturday makes for some slow and super congested spots.  the halfway point took me right to shedd aquarium which was pretty neat.  but then, that’s when the run took a turn for the not so great.  let me first say, i am not a quitter.  i am bound and determined to do something.  once i am off the couch and actually running, i will do what i can to finish.  so on that note, around mile 11 or so, things just weren’t feeling right.  cramps, knees, and lastly shooting pain in my ankle – the one i rolled when out with banjo last week.  if there is one thing i have learned from marathon articles – if something hurts, dont keep going…. so, i decided to walk ( i mean, i was still a few miles from home).  i was hoping just reducing the impact and walking for a while would help things feel better again, and i’d be able to finish easy peazy…

not the case, i ended up calling the bf (the lifesaver if you will) to pick me up about a mile from home on the verge of tears – part disappointed that i wasnt able to finish the run, and part in pain.  i spent the better part of the weekend icing the ankle in hopes it would get better.  it’s swollen but it’s still in constant pain.  so before more runs, i am headed to the dr this afternoon to get the official whats wrong with you diagnosis and hope it doesn’t involve a break from running (or if so, not for too long)…. so until then, guess its ice, ibuprofen, and the couch for me


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