in the first run since the doctor, i was supposed to do 4 miles.  i was trying not to be as hard headed as i have been and try to listen to some of the bf’s advice (disclaimer though – he’s only done a half marathon before).  he told me to start speeding up my short runs to train a little differently from my slower long distance pace.  so off i went with an ankle brace of course!  lo and behold – i ran my fastest 4 miles to date at just over an 8:40 pace – wow, did i really just do that??? i didnt know i had that in me!  what a great self-confidence pick-yourself-back-upper after saturdays run. 

wouldve brought the pup, but he seemed to have gotten into something that made him feel a little under the weather, so he stayed at home i think napping… alot!  i did take him out post run for a long walk to test out his new collar/harness.  it was to help him stop pulling and jumping – ohmigooooodnessss – that thing is a miracle worker!!!! within a few minutes, he was a changed dog and my hand/arm no longer hurt within the first 5 mins of walking him.  i am now a firm believer.  if you have a jumping bean for a dog, you should definitely invest in this!  i always grew up with horses and there was something we called a man-of-war bridle that the collar reminded me of – it puts pressure in more effective areas rather than over exerting energy to put pressure in the wrong areas. 

speaking of horses – here’s my man back in nc 🙂 he’s a black quarter horse that is as docile as a lab and as fat as draft horse (to be exact – he looks like he swallowed a mini horse).  his name is partner and is enjoying his lazy days at my moms


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