what a random, good day

so here’s how my day started –

now, i know chickfila hasnt gotten the best press lately, but to me – it’s that little taste of home i can get in chicago, and when i can, i absolutely indulge.  fortunately, i had a training out in the suburbs about 2 mins away from one, so it was a delicious breakfast stop – nom nom

training was okay – as good as sitting in a training all day can be, but i managed to get out early, beat traffic and see the bf just long enough to give him a quick kiss goodbye before he hit the road to minneapolis for the night.  since it was hotter out, i planned on waiting til later to get in my run.  well, that turned into, maybe i should eat the rest of the homemade hawaiian pizza i made yesterday, and oh! now that my belly is full, maybe a quick catnap – that’d be good, rest up before my run right?

next thing i know, passed out cold on the couch, with the dog doing the same thing below me on the floor.  i was so sound asleep that i left a drool mark on the pillow – um… oopsssssssssss.  it was hard to motivate to run, but let me say – i am so glad i did!  it seems like i am riding the rollercoaster of emotions and trainings to new highs – i ran my fastest 8 miles to date and finished feeling pretty great.  i ran under a 9:30 pace, which did i ever think i could do that??? honestly, not really, so super happy when i finished.  i ran in the ankle brace again which seemed like a good idea.  the only downside – some obnoxious biker going the opposite direction on the path, drank her water bottle and then tossed it.  at that point, i got splattered with water – not so great, and you’d think people would have a little more consideration – hmph!

i’m feeling a little more motivated that i was saturday after the long run – just another 4 miler to knock out tomorrow before a grueling 16 miles this weekend.  i have to keep reminding myself i’m in the homestretch and if it didnt hurt and wasnt tough, it wouldnt be as rewarding when i cross that finish line in october


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