just keeps getting better

kinda like that christina song 🙂 yesterday, worked from home and woke up to some thunderstorms, so convinced the pup to keep sleeping until they passed.  well, he was a little priss and even when he did go out, he crawled underneath the bench so that he wouldnt get wet…. might have to work on that

once the rain stopped, took the pup out for a 4 mile run.  he was doing great until the airshow practice started.  see the air and water show is here this weekend, and they practice the 2 days beforehand.  to put it simply, it sounds like we live in a war zone – minus the bomb part.  it caught banjo and i completely off-guard and he came to a dead halt, and squatted down, scared and confused of what may be going on.  we got through the run – it was his first less than 10 min/mile pace!  when we finished, we were both gross because i had completely underestimated the humidity.  even though we finished up, the airshow practice continued right on through til 4pm!

this is the view from our window

then fast forward to the bf making it home in plenty of time to eat dinner and go to a concert.  i made these spicy peanut chicken quesadillas – they were delish!! the recipe suggests serving it as an appetizer, but i just bulked up the amount of chicken, added some lime juice squeezes, and lastly for a kick, some chili paste to the peanut sauce.  we both cleaned our plates.  as always – here’s the professional pic, followed by mine 🙂

now, the concert… where do i start?!? i thought we werent going to go.  the day the tix went on sale, we adopted banjo, and it literally sold out within 5 mins of going on sale.  you see, the band is mumford and sons from the uk.  i love love love their music, and remember the first time i introduced them to the bf – we were in savannah hanging out in our hotel room post-half-marathon.  he fell in love too – well, as much as a boy can love music.  somehow i convinced him on wednesday to buy tix for the show and it was worth every penny!  the opening band, dawes, was great.  mumford played a good mix of old songs and new ones off their upcoming cd.  in the middle of the show, they played one song completely acoustic. lastly, they closed with the opening band playing with a little help from my friends.  oh! and did i mention – it was at the chicago theatre??? it was my first time there – such a cool venue!


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