dreading this…

i have to run 16 miles… i have to run 16 miles…. i can do it… i know i can…. dont want to do it…. have to do it… that’s pretty much whats been going through my head since i woke up this morning.  i think i have it figured out to avoid the air and water show chaos – i have a 7 mile loop that keeps me pretty far north of the main event.  so, do that twice and tack on 2 more miles – sounds like a plan.  plus it keeps me close to home in case something happens.  unfortunately, dont think the ankle brace is going to make it on this trip – have a blister from wearing it earlier this week, and somehow, the ankle seems to be doing better??? idk im baffled….

on another note – the bf is still in bed and this is a big reason why –

we finally managed to get reservations to bill and gulianas new restaurant.  unfortunately, the only time i could get them was 9:30.  so the food reviews, had been eh so-so, but i have to disagree.  the food was delicious and we didnt leave without a clean plate!  we have this horrible tendency to over-order, especially for late dinners, but the size of the dishes were perfect where we got to sample a bit of everything.  we had truffled garlic bread, stuffed squash blossoms (have to say, i wanted to get them after watching robin mess them up so many times on hells kitchen), tuna carpaccio, a shaved brussel sprouts and avocado salad (to die for!), lobster ravioli, risotto with speck (not a fish i learned, but proscuitto – who knew??), and finally salted caramel which was amaaaaaaaahzing.  i have to say the food didnt have the uniqueness of somewhere like the girl and the goat, but the atmosphere and service were ten times better.  our waiter was super personable and had great suggestions, plus we didnt feel like we were sitting on top of people who listened to our conversation.  we actually had the perfect people watching location.  i’d go back 🙂 

pasta was a good prep for that 16 miler im supposed to do today, right???


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