hooray! i did it! wow, did i really do that?

so to get things started, we had a yummy breakfast.  it started out as egg sandwiches, and one i realized the surplus of veggies in the fridge, decided on breakfast burritoes.  cut up some onion, tomato, bell pepper, jalapeno, cilantro, and avocado.  tossed it up with some egg whites, salt pepper, chipotle sauce, and cheese.  heated up some black beans, add some enchilada sauce and tortillas, and all the sudden we had a yummy breakfast

so then i had to wait til that settled before i embarked on the 16 miler.  in the meantime, we headed to the roof in time to catch the blue angels.

so finally, laced up the sneaks and faced the inevitable.  of course, at that point i was hungry again.  the bf convinced me to try the gu i had bought (this high sugary gel thing to eat while running long distances).  i thought i had bought a decent flavor with the lemon lime – ooooooohmigawwwwwd that stuff was disgusting.  it had a very malty taste to it, or something like that.  thank goodness i didnt try that mid-run.

so let’s assess – i had 3 existing blisters on my right foot, a recovering ankle injury – what would 16 miles do to me?  well, the weather was just perfect.  nice and sunny but a touch of cool fall day.  not to mention, running post-air show, so much great people watching that kept me entertained.  i decided to run 2 laps centered around where i start on the trail, rather than one long out and back.  i think it helped with the mental exhaustion of knowing i was always no more than 2 miles away from home at any given time.  i wanted to start out slower to conserve some energy, but no matter how hard i tried, slow just wasnt really the name of the game yesterday.  i was running under 10 min miles for the first part, and gradually started to slow.  fortunately, right when things got tough (around the 12 mile mark), the bf and banjo came to meet me to finish out the last segment.  it makes all the difference in the world to keep me motivated – maybe it’s the companionship, or maybe it’s the competitiveness, who knows??? 

all i know is i am feeling much better about this marathon after the great week of running i had.  i finished 16 miles at a 10:24 overall pace, and that is just baffling to me!  the only things that changed were 2 new blisters on my right foot – i have no clue whatsoever with why my right foot seems to be the chosen one, but oh well – nothing some bandaids cant fix.

now its time for an easy sunday to recover 🙂


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