and a lazy sunday for us

so the bf went to the grocery story first thing this morning and picked up a few gamechangers for the day… the remaining liquor for hippie juice (we’ll revisit later), breakfast ingredients and the attempted mini-corn dog recipe.

so hippie juice -lets talk… hippies might know the secret to the best day beverage thats got enough fruit and sweet to make it something to sip the day away – perfect for a gorgeous day of airshow watching if you will 🙂  it is a bottle of simply pink (something) lemonade.  the bf got raspberry today, but anything really works.  i mean, my philosophy – the pinker the better for drinks, right?  anyways, pull out 2 cups of that, add 1 cup of watermelon vodka, 1/3 cup malibu, and 1/3 cup triple sec and voila!  a delish summer bevy – top it off with some frozen strawberries and its the perfect pool drink.  well, unless you’re a guy….

then, the bf had a boys night and i couldnt send him empty handed, so we attempted a conceptual recipe i saw – mini-cornbread muffins with hot dogs, soooooooooooo mini-corn dogs.  well, the first batch, we put the hot dogs on the bottom and they are too heavy for the dough, so they stayed on the bottom.  the second batch, we tried to add them halfway through, but well, the dough just didn’t seem to stick to them too well… not quite sure, but it’s an experiment for another day.  they looked kinda cute, and according to boys, they eat them anyways, so perfect!

so while the bf was at boys night – i wont embarass him with what he was doing – cough cough… i ordered a yummy pizza, watched some horrible reality tv, and crashed with the pup on the couch


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