now it’s really been awhile!

so let’s see, where to start, where to start???

well, i had a crazy week.  the bf and i celebrate my bday early on monday since he had to fly out for work.  came home to beautiful flowers, champagne and some of the most thoughtful presents i could ever imagine.  we took the pup on my run (can’t skip training for a bday as much as i wanted to….).  post-run, we headed out to our favorite restaurant to celebrate – sola, this hawaiian fusion amazingness.  unfortunately, it was the last night of their groupon and the service let a lot to be desired…. i mean the food was still great, but you know how service can impact an experience.  then we hustled home to take the pup begrudgingly out to the bfs moms house to stay while we went out of town.  unfortunately, banjo gets horrendous anxiety about car rides and led to multiple nerve-filled stops on the side of roads and highways on the way there.  post car-ride, let’s re-cap my thoughtful presents. 

first, the sweetest note and card along with a print out of cable channels.  at first clueless, it then hit me – he did something i initially whined about and then just accepted, he expanded cable to include cmt!!!! hoooray – yipppeee kiiiiyaaay 🙂 i was one happy cowgirl.  i had kinda given up on it, but he hadnt.

second, a card from the doggie that included a gift certificate for 2 massages for pre-marathon and post-marathon.  so super thoughtful and pretty much a necessity i think at this point.  a great motivator to stick with it for a few more weeks.

third, an ipad – the new toy!  eeeps! so fun, so exciting, love it, love it love it!  i have been playing on it nonstop with apps, games (yes i became that girl), lotsa fun stuff.  plus – we can play games on it together, in this odd bonding thing…

so then, off to our trip – we spent a relaxing weekend together with family.  it was a nice break from our usual routine of running and recovering weekends.  to come clean, i did run the 2 times i needed to, but had to cut one short due to the horrible humidity and the uneven surface.  it was killing my knees, ankle, and hips – well just everything that you use to run.  i decided at this point, it wasn’t worth the pain, so a few miles short it was to re-coup.

now this week, wow it really is already tuesday night?!?  puppy and i have gone on two runs – a 4 miler and a 5 miler.  the 4 he ran his fastest mile to date at an 8:45 pace and then today he ran 5 at under 9:30 pace.  he is just a rockstar!  i was supposed to do 9 miles today, but after a long day at work, i just couldnt bear to put the pup back in his crate again.

i have to ice all night in preparation to run 9 miles tomorrow.  i somehow have to cram an 18 miler in before the end of the week, because……… we’re headed to denver!  its our 1 year anniversary and were celebrating with a great trip out west to one of the bf’s fav places.  i cannot wait!!! but………. the altitude will kill my runs, so i want to get it done pre-trip – bahahaha you’ll have to wait to hear how this turns out.

in the meantime, i have been drooling over these fried green tomatoes today – they are on my to make list once things settle down a little bit –

From My Life as a Mrs.


and also these mini canolis – nom nom


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