why you dont bike with a dog, among other things…

so had a 9 mile run today, and well, i just wasnt feeling it all day.  i took a nap when i got home, and managed to motivate.  i dont know what happened to the dog, but he was seemingly a-okay with being left in his crate while i ran – just a peanut butter toy and he was set.  definitely a change from his usual whining.

so off i went, and knocked out the first 2 miles in less than an 8:45 pace.  overall, finished at a 9:22 pace – not too shabby for never wanting to go out there in the first place.  the weather was great today.  just warm/cool enough where you can tell fall is coming, but the chill truly hasnt set in yet.  

so lets get to the people watching – there were the usual faces (yes, i am starting to see trail regulars at this point) then there are those daring enough to bike with a dog.  you could see the accident a mile away.  a guy riding with a super energetic dog that had just spotted a dog in front of them.  i gave it 30 secs after i passed them to turn back around, and bam! the man had crashed in the middle of the path, bike on top, and a still fiesty dog in tow.  i just cant imagine how this is ever a good idea – hope the guy is okay, but maybe next time he’ll think twice about that.  let’s see what else…. it was pretty gross when a sweaty guy passed me and he dripped sweat on me – yes, im sure thats what it was – just ick, gross, disgusting – run with a towel or something.

lastly, back to you bikers… lakeshore is not a competitive bike path.  there are pedestrians, runners, all sorts of folk out there.  we are not there to cater to your every whim just because you are going faster.  you need to take into consideration the others on the trail too.  im tired of feeling almost run off the path, when i already run as far to the right as possible…. just something to think about as you zip up those super intense bike suits you all wear.

so after 4 days of back to back running, its time to rest up tomorrow, especially since the bf is landing at midnight tonight and will likely wake me up from my much needed beauty sleep… until tomorrow 🙂


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