i know it’s been way tooo long – i’ll explain!

so i thought a post when through while i was away, but oops!  i’ll just recap why i havent gotten to this lately.  first, the anniversary trip to colorado over labor day.  thanks to the southwest companion pass i still had from traveling, and the bf’s hotel points – we had an amaaaaazing trip!  words can’t even describe.  we started with a night in denver in the penthouse at the ritz! i mean, it took me 5 mins to find the bedroom and i think we counted 8 bathrobes – i mean huh?  so we met up with the bf’s friend at a rockies game and had a great night out in denver.  the next day we headed out to estes park (where shockingly, i napped in the car).  there we crashed at the stanley – the hotel where the shining was based, but not filmed as learned on the ghost tour.  i can’t begin to explain all the great things we did there, so i’ll let the pictures do the talking.  the only thing to note running wise, was well, it didn’t happen.  after a short hike where i was out of breath most of the time, there was no way a run was going to happen at that altitude, but back to the pics!

dinner overlooking the rockies

catching my breath

so we had a quick week at home before we darted off to ann arbor for a wedding weekend.  it was my first legit trip to michigan (i had flown through detroit plenty of times).  we had a great weekend celebrating and getting a feel for a big time football game – the couple had the great idea had to host a tailgate for the first michigan home game.  it was great!  only downer, driving 4 hours home on sunday and needing to clean, pick up the pup, and somehow scramble our lives together. 

now back to the running – i am scared, petrified, dreading sunday.  i have signed up for a ready to run 20 miler.  i mean, am i ready to run???? i think i can answer that and it wouldnt be a positive one.  oh and did i mention, pre-20 miler i have to run 20 miles this week.  the pup and i knocked out a solid 5 miles today – running his personal best of 8:40 miles for the first 2 – then there were the geese, and that was just a gamechanger.  poor guy just wanted to chase the birds.  so far, havent felt sore, etc which will be a plus if its still that way tomorrow when i need to knock out 10.  i think the weather has helped tremendously – it seems like overnight it has become fall in chicago, a great relief to the summer heat.  BUT… don’t get me wrong, i’m a southern girl at heart and i love my warm winters.  the bfs fam has a running joke that i am not a permanent resident until i last a winter… we’ll just have to see about that, huh?


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