The longest mileage week ever

okay you can quote me on this… i think this will be the longest mileage week ever in my lifetime.  i know that’s alot coming from a 28 year old, but yeah… i just dont see this happening again.  i am running 40 miles this week in 4 runs.  i know, i know – it divides evenly into 10 mile runs, but if only i could be so lucky.  it is actually a 5 miler, 10 miler, 5 miler and the ever mind-blowing 20 miler this weekend. 

i am 15 miles in and about to head out for another 5 with the pup.  then thankfully, two days off before the 20 miler.  it is the longest distance i will run before the marathon, which is still 6 miles longer – i must’ve really been nuts when i signed up!

anyways – i just needed to get it in writing – no more 40 mile weeks, and especially not in 4 runs!


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