Nom nom nom…. Dinner time!

so with no run today, some rainy weather in the forecast, and the bf in town – it seemed like the perfect reason to make some good ole comfort food.  i had been eyeing the fried green tomatoes from my life as a mrs blog and we had the ingredients for the guac and goat cheese recipe that has become a favorite.  tonight, the bf and i tried our hand at both and ended up with an extremely filling meal!


so a couple things to note about this that i changed/struggled with –

  • to make the ranch spicy, i added a hefty dash of cayenne pepper and more like 4 tablespoons of the jalapeno tabasco
  • i used half healthy mayo and half good for you mayo and it still tasted delish – next time, its all healthy stuff
  • i had some trouble with getting the batter to stick to the sides of the tomatoes.  i’m not quite sure how to fix it, so hm… not really too sure why i’m telling you then – oops!
  • i added more oil to my pan.  the first couple tomatoes were golden, but the crust got a little soggy, so i’d go with getting them slightly browner than you initially think

lastly, we made 2 large red tomatoes with the goat cheese and avocado toast and we had more than we could eat.  it was definitely a meal.

now i just need to drink a lot of water post-massage.  i’m scared im going to be more sore tomorrow, but we’ll see when it’s time to hit the running trail again!


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