whoa there banjo

so today was my first run after the 20 miles, and it just couldn’t have gone any better!  even the pup had a personal best!  today the weather changed quite a bit – had a big rainstorm, lows in the 40s and a high around 63, oh and lets not forget the wind!  it is the windy city – i hope we have some more warm days before it’s permanently fall, so here’s to hoping 🙂

anyways, back to the run.  we knocked out 5 miles in 43:30, which is roughly an 8:42 pace.  the crazy thing is – i thought i was running slow, but i was running almost 2 mins per mile faster than i was on sunday.  maybe the massage was the gamechanger?  idk – im scared of being sore tomorrow that’s for sure!  not to mention, i have to do 10 miles then

i will say – i think the mileage over the past couple days has left me exhausted, which is pretty good timing considering the bf just left tonight for a trip to indy for work.  i never sleep as well when he’s gone – banjo and i just miss him 😦  hopefully, the extra exhaustion will lead to a better night’s sleep.


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