no really… running in the windy city

so we have had a preview of fall this week, and today – i think it was a preview of winter.  even though it reached the low 70s today, the wind was gusting well over 30mph.  not to mention, our street is just a wind tunnel off the lake.  i just had a feeling – call it a woman’s intuition 🙂 – that today wasnt going to be stellar.  to start with, it was just one of those days at work that leaves you scratching your head and wondering what next, or huh???  then i had to get a flu shot – ick, me and needles, we just don’t go together.  it’s a story for another day, but its a big factor as to why med school was never an option….  then i get home and im just exhausted and stretch out on the couch for a nap that didnt happen.  finally, the puppy convinces me that i need to get up and start running. 

for those east coasters, the wind is gusting so loudly that it reminds of tornado / hurricane season….. so out we went, and we headed north.  i figured we’ll run the 2 miles up, so 4 miles roundtrip, regroup and decide if it’s going to be the 4 mile day or the 10 mile day.  it was absolutely a 4 mile day.  going out, the wind was with me, so i ran fast and was chugging along – just a little soreness, burn in my legs.  but – when we turned around, it was like game on.  so much dust was blowing in my eyes, felt like the wind was knocked out of me, and my legs really started to scream no more!  so we walked about a mile of the 4 and i’m okay with that.  i just put my body through 20 miles – i can’t just keep running and running to the point of injury – the marathon is still ahead!  in the end – we got the miles done, and now im curled up on the couch with some hot tea and an exhausted puppy.

hopefully the wind dies down over the night and 10 miles here i come!


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