so i did kick it

and we ran the other night almost 8.5 miles.  the puppy came with me and he ran the whole way!  sadly, he wasnt even phased – apparently, i have just gotten him in too good of shape.  i am worried that come winter he will be super depressed about not getting out and running so much.  for example, today in chicago is a swift reminder of the winters i signed myself up for here – big wind gusts and that chilly air.  the 8 miles went great the other day – was supposed to run 10, but the legs just werent going to go that far, especially recovering from the flu shot as well.

oddly enough, after running lakeshore for several months, there are starting to be familiar faces.  i think banjo helps people always recognize us.  i recognized a sorority sister, and apparently, a friend of a friend sees me all the time running with the dog.  for the most part things are friendly out there, but recently the local running association put out a warning of 60 yr old rollerblader who punches runners and keeps going – i mean, huh?  anyways, its a reminder that you can never take safety for granted out there.  im happy to have a doggy that runs with me, but i still never run when its dark out.  its just one of those non-negotiables for me.

anyways, enough about that!  with the chilly, windy weather – its hard to motivate to run 12 miles today.  looks like a storm over the lake, but who knows…. we’ll see how i feel later.  otherwise, its 12 miles early tomorrow morning before we head out to watch the bears


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