and now the tapering phase

it’s so weird… i ooooonly had to run 12 miles this weekend, and today was one of my few 4 milers i’ve been able to run in awhile.  what do i do with all this free time?!?  tomorrow is only 6, and after that 3 – so i mean, according to the training plan – you’re telling me it’s okay to run <30 mins 2 weeks before the marathon???? hmmmm okay… well, theyre the experts so i guess i’ll just go with it 🙂

the 12 miles went great!  ran a 9:30 pace and felt great after.  not to mention i was struggling a bit from going out the previous night.  have to say, the biggest injury of the weekend was from coming home saturday night, playing with an excited dog and getting clocked in the lip to the point of bleeding… grrr – the dog made me look like i got in a fight!

the rest of the weekend went by way too fast – caught up with good friends, found an interesting dive piano bar, working on the bathroom and 6 loads of laundry later – it was monday…….  the bf was up super early to catch a flight to nashville, and i had a pretty crazy day at work.  i guess the short runs are a nice change, especially as my work is starting to pick up more.  today’s 4 miles flew by with the pup and we cranked it out at 9:03 pace per mile.

less than 2 weeks – it’s starting to feel way more real than i thought.  nervous?  hell yeah i am.  scared? duh.  ready for it to be over? absolutely.


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