happy hour drink – dirty shirley

we went to a wedding a couple weekends ago in michigan, and they had cherry vodka for drinks.  of course i was intrigued.  i had somewhat blocked out fruit flavored vodkas after a few bad run ins with sprite and raspberry vodka in college. so 5 years later, why not give it a try again?  well the bartender made delish drinks, among which included a simple cherry coke.  why hadn’t i thought of this sooner?!?

not long after, while wasting time on pinterest, i stumbled across a ‘dirty shirley,’ thats sprite, grenadine, cherry vodka and a cherry of course!  its delish in all its pink fruityness, and what better to have while recovering from a 6 mile run on the couch while the bf is away?

and yes – that is a mustache straw in it.  got to giggle sometimes 🙂


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