thank goodness for babel

in what has been a somewhat disappointing new music summer, thankfully mumford and sons has come through with a new album of great songs, not the onesie twosies that were on other albums i anxiously waited for all summer (thats you dispatch and dmb).  i ❤ this new album, and can’t wait to jam it out while i go on my 6 mile run today.  nothing like some good new music to run to, and with 15 songs, there should be plenty to last for the hour run.

on another note, the bf and i have our last 2 planned concerts next week – back to back nights at dispatch.  i canNOT wait for this!  i have always wanted to see dispatch, cried last year when it didnt work out, and was extremely depressed that i thought i would never see one of my favorite groups.  not so!  they released a new cd (please play your old songs) and have gone on tour again.  now, the only reality check of it all, its only a few days before the marathon, so i’ll have to be good.


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