savoring the sunshine

with winter not too far away, it seems only fitting to try to get outside as much as possible when its sunny and semi-warm/not freezing yet, especially after a rainy weekend.  so, the pup and i headed out on our first long run since the marathon and let’s just say, i realized that i am absolutely still recovering from that 26 miler.  started out pretty solid, but after awhile, the distance, the wind, and the soreness started to take its toll and i had to slow down quite a bit.  overall, had a goal of 8 miles, but did 7.5 with a little bit of walking.  with a race coming up in a few weeks, there’s no reason to overdo it right now and hurt myself.  i think it’s official the pup is in better shape though!  he kept pulling me right on through the run wanting to go faster.

i feel a little clueless about where to go with my runs and how far, etc. but i’m sure i’ll get a post-marathon training groove on soon.  in the meantime, it’s been nice to have a lazy work from home day with the bf.


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