what to do without long runs on the weekends???

great question!  i’m still figuring that out myself.  in the meantime, we used one of the groupons i have stockpiled to try a new restaurant, lokal.  the food was good, but the service was absolutely terrible!  we had a bartender covering our table, and it was clear waiting tables just wasnt his thing.  next time just stick to making the drinks please.  while there, the bf and i realized i probably hadnt had a steak since i stopped traveling – crazy huh?  so of course, i got a steak for dinner 🙂

we called it a lazy night and came home to watch snow white and the huntsman, which we had always vowed to watch in theaters (like so many other movies)…. i fell asleep, so we had to pause halfway through.  after a lazy saturday of house things, we hit the town for a friends charity event at an oktoberfest party where the main event was a polka band and then this beast….

afterwards, we headed out with the bf’s friends to celebrate a 30th bday.  we hit some pretty random bars, including one filled with arcade games, as well as one that looked like it was set-up for a competitive ping pong tournament.  after getting home late, we slept in pretty late which was only increased by the depressing weather outside.

today was another lazy day inspired by the dreary weather, but we did manage to make a yummy crock pot chicken enchilada soup.  it was the first time i had tried this recipe and it was delish! and super easy to make!  its a repeat for sure.  it’s actually the second recipe i have made from her site, and both were hits!  i think based on how many recipes i love, i’m going to add a recipe page with links to all the yummy things we have put on the repeat list.  if anything, a place for me that has my tried and true recipes versus the pinterest wish list of recipes to try.


and the pup was enjoying his lazy sunday too – nothing like a toy cuddled up on the couch with control over the remote


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