maybe i didn’t get away pain free from the marathon?

at this point who knows, but here is what i do know happened –

  • immediately after the marathon i felt like i had a bad cold (chalked it up to being outside for 5 hours running and just the usual post-running stuffies)
  • since the marathon, i have had shoulder pain that felt deep in the joint and/or muscle related.  at times, i had limited range of motion due to pain and struggled picking things up.  it got worse when i slept on that side.
  • yesterday, i woke up with a circular spot of redness that was tender to the touch and warm just above my armpit (ick armpits are gross!)
  • late yesterday afternoon, the redness was spreading around my arm and not getting better
  • sat in the ER and ultimately left with a diagnosis of shingles on my shoulder.  everyone seemed pretty okay about it, so i didn’t stress too much.  picked up my meds, started to take them and just relieved i knew what was going on
  • today, the redness was almost completely gone but instead i had a weird burning sensation in my face (think windburn, but i just woke up so odd…), a noticeable tightness, slight swelling and redness to my face
  • alarmed that something may have spread, i went to a primary care doc and he seems to think i have nothing to be worried about and highly unlikely to have shingles.  he encouraged me to stop taking the medicine and that’s about it.
  • here’s where we stand now – i am still taking the meds.  no way am i risking that it truly is shingles and it flares back up.  two – my face still burns, swollen and just weird… so im clueless as to whats going on.  fingers crossed it is all settled!

maybe it’s my sign that marathons are a once in lifetime kinda thing 🙂


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