a weekend at home

this past weekend the bf and i made the trip back to nc to visit the parents and gparents.  it was a beautiful weekend at home and the perfect nc fall weather – makes me miss home terribly.  while home, i quickly realized how much its a food tour of the south, those must have places that i need to eat including – smith’s spicy sausage (to die for), chick fil a breakfast, cracker barrel (only the 2nd time for the bf), coconut pies (mom’s recipe and the best!), bojangles, westridge chicken salad, and the list could keep going forever…

we were able to see both of my gparents over the weekend, which was the primary reason i went home.  the gpa is getting super frail and sick these days, so it was great to be able to spend some time with him.  he actually seems better than the last time i saw him.  then we took my gma to cracker barrel for lunch 🙂  i gave her a homemade 80th bday present inspired by pinterest.  it’s hard to tell from the pic, but its in a matted picture frame and has the scrabble style tiles with her name and all my aunts and uncles.

then my dad took the bf on a tour of what modern day farming is like in the fall.  it was the perfect time – they were right in the middle of picking cotton and peanuts.  it was great to see how interested the bf was and how delighted my dad was to share.  however, after all this running around, i ended up coming down with a bad cold that only got worse throughout the weekend.  i can’t believe i got sick on top of all the meds i’m taking for the potential shingles run in.  regardless, it was great to be home and i can’t wait to see everyone again over thanksgiving and christmas.

after a late arrival home, still fighting a wretched cold, i decided to take a pto day to recover from this cold before kickstarting a busy week.  while home today, i have been researching lots of diy stuff for christmas – more to come on the blog – researching recipes, reading a great new book by ken follett called the winter of the world, and cuddling up with the pup on the couch


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