a new challenge of sorts

so my mom sent me an article from yahoo today where a woman is 10 months along in her abstinence of clothes shopping, no purchases on anything! no undies! no shoes! no tights! NOTHING!!!  my mom asked if we thought we could do it for a year and it got me to thinking – could i do this?  would there be any conditions regarding doing this? what if my weight changed (realistically gained…)? what if i got invited to something and i didnt have something wear?

here’s what i came up with –

  1. sounds like a terrific new years resolution
  2. gifts are excluded (cough cough friends who are reading this :))
  3. unplanned vacations or events that require specific items (skiing, theme parties, etc) are excluded
  4. everything except accessories, undies, socks, and tights are included (minus running shoes – a necessity based on wear)
  5. i need to develop a strong to buy list before this starts, including some new bootcut jeans
  6. if i get as many holes to where i need to do laundry more than once a week, then this whole plan needs to be re-evaluated.  with out of unit laundry, that just aint gonna happen – nosiree
  7. if significant weight change happens to where clothes no longer fit, joining a gym or signing up for a marathon is the only option – pending stretchy waistband pants haha

i think that’s it, so the plan is to revisit this list mid-december and see if it’s truly do-able.  i mean, i am addicted to online shopping websites.  it is my ultimate timekiller behind pinterest – guess i could read books? do more crafts?  sign up for classes? we’ll see!


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