craft projects galore

so with the upcoming holiday season, excess free time, and some eye catching pinterest ideas, i decided it was time to get busy.

project 1 – baking sharpie marker designs onto a plate to make it permanent.

  • bought a plain white plate from the dollar store (didn’t want to spend the big bucks just yet!)
  • colored a christmas design with multi-colored sharpies
  • baked at 350 for 30 mins
  • colors darkened but looked pretty
  • ran through the washing machine and it became no good since all the colors wore off.  not sure what to do to prevent that, but glad that it was only a dollar store plate 😦

project 2 – glitter chevron canvas

  • i got the idea from this pinterest post
  • decided to use navy as the background with teal glitter to match the guest/office room
  • i first painted the canvas to the desired background color
  •  taped off the pattern to only expose the parts that would be glitter
  • sprayed the exposed areas with adhesive (i used general purpose elmers)
  • cover in glitter and let sit for at least an hour
  • remove tape and shake excess glitter
  • spray with a glitter sealant and voila! there’s your unique artwork
  • here are some pics of the project along the way


next on the to do list –

  • modge podge tiles to be coasters, add some cork on the bottom to prevent sliding
  • create christmas wreaths based on this post

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