new recipes

so this weekend we went out to galena to visit the bf’s grandparents.  i always like to bring baked goodies as a thank you for our stay, so this time was no different and some of these recipes i just have to share

pumpkin jumble cookies – amaaaaaaahzing and super simple.  it only requires 5 ingredients, yellow cake mix, chocolate chips, toffee chips, pumpkin puree, and mini reeses cups.  mix and bake – yes, that simple and a hit!

baked apple cake – this is a family recipe that is near and dear.  it absolutely reminds me of everything fall.  it has golden delicious apples, butterscotch chips, walnuts and cinnamon.  plus the longer it sits, the better it gets.  so here is the recipe –

Granny’s Fresh Apple Cake
2 Cups sugar
2 Eggs
1 1/4 cup Crisco oil
2 1/2 cups flour
1 teaspoon cinnamon (I usually use 2 tsp.-more flavor)
1 Cup of nuts (I use walnuts)
3 Cups of peeled and cut up apples (golden delicious)
1 Large pkg. of butterscotch morsels

Mix in order given, fold in apples. Pour in 9×13 pan and sprinkle butterscotch morsels over top.
Bake @ 350 for 1 hour

pimento cheese crisps – i have been eyeing these ever since i posted them on pinterest.  let me just say, i’m not sure i did it right.  mine weren’t really light and fluffy and completely missed on the flavor.  i wanted more cheese, less um… bland and that just wasnt the case.  i may try them again, but as of now, not one of those good go-to recipes

the perfect pot roast – so we definitely didn’t take this with us to galena, but i made it the night before and wanted to share.  this recipe has been making the rounds on pinterst, but i did finally find better directions.  it mixes 1 brown gravy packet, 1 italian dressing packet, 1 ranch dressing packet, 1/2 cup of water and a pot roast in a slow cooker for 8-9 hrs on low.  it turned out delectably moist, but just slightly on the salty side – i had salted and peppered the roast before putting it in, so i just need to skip this part going forward.


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