happy halloween!


happy halloween!  so, i felt like i was reliving mitch’s experience from the halloween episode of modern family, you know where he shows up in the spiderman costume for work, but he’s the only one….  the admin exec for my dept had told me that TONS of people dress up in our office, even got an email saying there was a costume contest in the office.  clearly, 1- i had to witness this so i made my schedule work for that, and 2- i should probably dress up too.  collectively, the bf and i decided, hey, you trained all summer for the marathon, why not be a marathon runner and you get to wear your medal some??  okay, so showed up at the office, and i think i maybe saw a handful of people, out of mmmm… 200 people? dressed up.  needless to say, i got a lot of ‘oh, you look cute,’ and ‘are you going to work out’ responses.  let’s just chalk that up to lesson learned, and i was able to head straight to the gym.  oh wait, did i mention i joined a gym yesterday?!!?

i did.  it’s an interesting place.  one of the first questions i got asked was if i was training for a performance competition, so if that doesnt set the tone for a gym, not quite sure what does.  it works, and it was 50% off membership, so i’ll take it.  with the weather change and some persistent knee pains, i wanted to join the gym so that i could do other activities than run.

so, banjo apparently gets super confused by dogs in costume.  we walked passed a dog dressed as a shark and he was truly intrigued, super excited, and just haaaaaaaad to go give them a sniff check.  for tonight, its just me and the pup, watching tv and catching up on house things, since the bf is away.

lastly, big news today!  i am becoming a student again.  i am pursuing a certificate program through work and a local university.  i’m excited to get back in the classroom, and even more excited that work is footing the bill.  i’m hoping it will give me a leg up on that career ladder, but that’s tbd…


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