its been a few days, huh?

so the weekend flew by – rather uneventfully i might add, but here’s a quick recap of the highlights

my beloved puppy has now managed to get himself kicked out of doggy daycare twice… the first time, because he could jump over the fence, and potentially escape.  otherwise, he played great with the little dogs.  the second time, he didnt get along so well with the big dogs (no chance of jumping the fence).  he has been through post-traumatic doggy daycare depression.  he sits by the door crying and wanting to go back.  he loves to be a social puppy, and just doesnt understand.  the real kicker, it was the only place close enough to us that i could walk him there and back.  given his car sickness, that was a big win, so now – we are stuck with trying to brainstorm something else.  hmph

i am uncoordinated…. i cracked my head pretty good on the countertop while plugging in a nightlight, to the point of icing it until i fell asleep.  then the next day, while trying to catch a cab (in cute heels, skirt, and tights i might add), i tripped on that miniature garden wire fence while trying to catch a cab.  lets just say – i almost cried, had fallen into the street, purse askew, covered in leaves and all.  fortunately, nothing broken but some sore muscles in my left arm – ughhhhhhhhh

packet pick-up – only one more week before the perfect 10!  i have to say, after seeing all the horrible posts on facebook about the hot chocolate packet pick-ups, it was refreshing to walk in, immediately pick-up the packet, and walk out the door in less than 5 minutes.  i have to say – i have heard nothing redeeming about the hot chocolate races.  yes, the chicago race itself was better, but packet pick-up lasted over 2 hours for a lot of racers.  i ran the inaugural race in dc last year and it was a hot mess!  the course was atrocious and not meant to accommodate the number of racers, traffic patterns were amateur causing the race to start significantly late because people could not get to it, i felt like i was going to either get hit by a dump truck or die from its fumes at one point during the course – i mean the list goes on.  i’m glad there are people out there that enjoy the race, but at this point…. i dont think its on the to-do again list, especially since im not really a fan of hot chocolate either!

date night out – the bf and i went out for a date night in the loop and had a great time – so great, we were in bed by 10pm.  oops!  we met at one bar for happy hour and ended up meeting some very interesting characters, that only carried over to dinner.  it was about the first time in a year (wow, it seems kinda weird to say that, i mean i know we’ve dated for over a year, but still :)) that we went to saigon sisters.  it was delish as always!  they specialize in vietnamese cuisine that is amazing.

french market – we have a french/international private school close by and they held a holiday/fall french market this weekend.  i was always curious about the school, and managed to convince the bf to go.  it was very interesting.  for one, we felt like the dumbest people there because we only spoke 1 language, rather than multiple.  we didnt find any holiday gifts, but it was definitely an experience

cooking – cooked lots and lots of goodies this weekend, and more to come.  i’ll post the recipes soon!


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