another milestone, another day!

sorry to be a little mia this past week – i peaced out of chiberia for my bachelorette weekend in sunny austin with 7 amazing friends.  the weekend was beyond phenomenal filled with laughs, sunshine (and more sunshine), and lifetime memories.  it makes me realize how much i miss these girls, and need to commit to making the trips and the calls.

in the meantime, before i left for austin, i worked my booty off – alternating between personal training and high intensity interval classes.  let me just say, by the time i reached austin, my abs were so sore that it hurt to laugh.  then again though, i also didnt want my first bathing suit appearance of 2014 to be something i was critical of.  lets be honest though, when are girls 100% happy with everything.  i feel like there is always sometime to improve, etc. but for this weekend, i took a much needed break to recharge with my friends.  i am now ready to recommit to my fitness routines, starting with a few gym classes this week.

my fiance and i registered for a 10 miler here in chicago that’s in a few weeks.  my goal is to hit a new PR for the 10 miler.  hopefully, the weather is quite a bit better than last year’s race when it snowed that morning.  pics to come from austin soon!



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