running pics

here’s a collection of some pics from previous runs – clearly, i do not run with taking pictures in mind…

my first half marathon in kansas city – the pilgrim pacer… more like the pilgrim lapper.  the race was a 3 lap trek on a golf cart path of a golf course.  i quickly learned that i needed more entertainment while running – the bigger the race, the better i do!  also, ran in shoes that were too small and had some foot issues to deal with post-race.

the second half marathon i did couldn’t have been more different!  i ran with good girlfriends through disney in the princess half marathon – talk about large crowds, lots of entertainment, and not to mention running partners to keep you motivated.  even though we had to get up at 3am to start running, it was worth the halfway point of running through the castle and all the people watching, since apparently disney = crazy princess costumes.  the race went great, but shortly after, i suffered some it band issues…

one more half marathon, the savannah rock and roll.  got motivated at the last minute by a girlfriend and couldn’t have been happier with a race.  it was in november and the perfect temperature, super flat/fast course, lots of entertainment, and a great running partner! oh, and did i mention, savannah doesn’t have an open container law, so post race you could walk around with beers in the park listening to the post race concert!  sidenote though – my boyfriend was in town and of course, i could not talk a walk break in front of him! so, knowing i’d only see him one more time between mile 12 and the end, i immediately started walking after i spotted him.  a super nice runner behind me, patted me on the back and encouraged me to keep running.  if it wasn’t for her, i wouldn’t have hit a new personal record for the half – so thank you, whoever you are 🙂

now onto the hot chocolate in dc…. i cant think of a worse race to run.  the course was crowded, poorly planned and the race started super late (thankfully for me though, i was stuck in the most infuriating traffic!)  fortunately, all my friends and i finished without injury and vowed it was the last hot chocolate in dc for us… don’t believe me, just google it – i’m sure you’ll find some scathing comments out there

from one extreme to the next, i then did the cherry blossom 10 miler through dc and it was a phenomenal race!  the course was beautiful, plenty of room to run, and somehow flat enough for me to pull off a 10 miler without truly training.  didn’t hurt that i had another girlfriend to run with, and a cheering section of my dad and his wife as well as my boyfriend –

and my last race to date – the soldier field 10 miler… talk about taking the rust off the wheels, or whatever that saying is.  i absolutely did not train for this thing, and i was hurting post race…. it quickly reminded me that i’m getting too old to just wing it these days.  it was a great race running down lakeshore and back, and last but not least, finishing on the 50 yard line of soldier field!  can’t say i made the prettiest faces when i crossed the finish line, but the pics hit the big screen – definitely a first for me!


to catch y’all up a bit, here are some more pics from the past year!  this is from after i finished the marathon!

Post Marathon 3


in exchange for running a marathon this past summer, i ran 2 half marathons (i mean, it’s kinda like a marathon, right??)


and here’s one more!  not the best picture of me ever, but i love running with friends!  this is from a race in charlotte.



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